About Susanna K

Born and raised in Finland, Susanna Karoliina knew her calling by age sixteen. Growing up watching her father build a successful healing practice in her home city of Tampere, it was this sense of helping others that spoke to her heart and shaped her passion going forward. Attending Hameenlinnan Ammattikorkeakoulu (Hameenlinnan Sosiaali-alan oppilaitos) for four years, Susanna studied to become a Social Educator.

A force to be reckoned with, upon completing an internship at a Finnish Government Foster Care Institution and at Finnish Kindergarten and day care center, Susanna continued on to receive a certificate from Paimion Institute of Youth Leadership Studies (Paimion Kansan-Opisto) becoming a youth leadership counselor. Not satisfied with stagnation, she also completed her internship working with handicapped and mentally disabled children.

When her schooling at Hameenlinnan Ammattikorkea Koulu (Hameenlinnan sosiaalialan-oppilaitos (College)) was complete, Susanna relocated as an international student located at a U.S. college. While in the United States, she continued her studies in sociology and psychology, later graduating from LACC film school.

After gaining experience in the entertainment industry working as part of E! Entertainment Television and Dr. Phil Show, Susanna took some time off to raise her daughter. It was a long period of spiritual soul searching following her divorce that brought light and purpose back into her life, and in 2011 Susanna felt compelled to use her natural intuitive gifts to help others. This revelation and return to her roots helped formulate her decision that life coaching was the perfect fit for her past experience. With the natural ability to help people identify issues or obstacles in their lives that they cannot see themselves, coupled with extensive work in human relations made for a personal revelation, inspiring and driving her to ever higher aspirations. In order to prepare for this new path, Susanna trained at the Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in Los Angeles and is currently working on receiving her certificate in life coaching, from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Fearless, direct, focused, intuitive and goal oriented, Susanna appreciates and welcomes clients who are also committed to true inner growth, transformation and fulfillment. With Susanna, you can be confident that she cares deeply about each and every client, wanting them to find inner passion, purpose, and to empower them to find the true feminine power within in order to step into their full potential and realize their greatness.

With Great Love,