You can discover your passion, unleash your purpose, and step into your feminine power to become who you truly are. Beginning right now, you can live the passionate, purposeful life you were meant to embody in this world and unleash your destiny!

Doing Good Productions Coaching focuses mainly on discovering your soul purpose to unleash social good. We specialize in aligning our clients in a socially conscious manner through changes in the home environment, community, work-environment, organization, institution and/or government. Through our efforts together, we can shift from an ego consciousness in order to restore heart and soul in your life.

Have you asked these important questions of yourself?

Before you can move forward with positive action to transform your life, you must first identify the key points which are currently standing in your way. For most, this simply means the inability to acknowledge ourselves honestly and assess our position.

Are you ready to find the answers within?

When you’ve acknowledged the need for action and have identified the key points of your life which require your focus, it becomes your next obligation to move forward in a positive direction in order to meet those needs.

Will you create the life that you truly deserve?

If you find yourself tired of living a life without heartfelt purpose and direction, this can be a true motivator to something amazing. By identifying what it is you do not want in your life any longer you can begin to figure out what it is you do want.

What is your feminine power?

Passion – A very strong feeling within, passion can be strong emotion, enthusiasm, or desire for anything that lights up your day. Passion can be interest, sexual desire, or activity. When people are passionate about something it takes their full interest and they feel extremely happy and excited by doing it. Living a passionate life makes people feel alive, healthy, and happy.

Purpose – A very strong desire towards project, career, or action in the future, purpose can also be a feeling of higher-calling towards a career, service, or project. Additionally, purpose can be the desire to make a difference in the home, community, institution, work environment, or in the world.

Feminine Power – is becoming the female leader and manifesting your heartfelt mission into the world. Feminine Power is knowing and accepting yourself fully while discovering your passion. We begin our journey into Feminine Power by first raising our aspirations much higher than they already are and refusing to make excuses for our inactions. It is about no longer allowing society to dictate how you are viewed or allowing the insecurity of others to hinder your progress. Feminine Power is breaking the mould of “one size fits all” in female expectations.

You are creative, resourceful and whole.

What are the benefits of long-term coaching?

  1. You will to start living a passionate and happy life.
  2. You will begin living a purposeful and meaningful life
  3. You will blossom into your true Feminine Power with Leadership qualities.
  4. You will begin manifesting your life mission and higher calling

A recent study shows that people don’t regret the things they have done in life, but instead regret the things they haven’t done. Follow the inner voice of your heart, intuition, and higher purpose.


Have you made the decision for yourself about who you want to be?

The power to choose what kind of life you wish to live and who you want to become is your decision alone. Only you are in control of your life, and so you must do what feels right in your heart and mind. It is when we decide to follow our inner guidance that we can achieve great things.

Too often we allow emotions to control our behavior. Instead of striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can aspire to, we instead conform to societal models and join the status quo. When we look at ourselves in the mirror we find excuses instead of reasons to succeed. If you find yourself too often sacrificing your own happiness, purpose and excellence for the benefit of acceptance from others, or you find that you spend more time finding reasons why you cannot achieve greater things, it is time to change your situation.

The most notable changes in this world have not come from those who have played it safe and small, but instead were willing to endure the struggle, judgement and hardships of achievement against all odds. You can never  be free and fly high if you refuse to spread your wings. It is through taking those risks and demanding better of yourself that you are among the great people of excellence.

The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is simply a matter of initiative. With both persistence and commitment, we see the fruits of our labor over time. It is true that talent plays a part in this situation, though talent is often misplaced as something one naturally possesses versus something that can be cultivated. After all, one can be a talented violinist over time, but only after you have put in both the commitment and hard work to practice.

Living your purpose, passion and feminine power requires commitment, time, nurturing and courage to press forward. It is a lifelong journey and not a short term destination.

Give yourself the time that you need and one day you are going to be free and soar high. It’s is not going to be easy but nothing great ever comes easy. As result of your time and dedication, you will become the great woman that you are destined to become.

People cannot see what is inside of you; your vision, dreams, and higher purpose are not revealed. Only you can feel and see what is inside of you. Make a commitment within your heart to fully become the greatness that you want to achieve. You truly deserve it! You are creative, resourceful, and whole as you are! You already have it what it takes!

More than any other time in human history, the mandate exists for women worldwide to unite together in their mission of heart, friendship, and support for each other. Let go the chains of ego which drive jealousy, competition, gossip and elevation of fear. There is enough room in this world for each and every one of us to manifest success, happiness, love, value, and our soul purpose through positive means. When you promote positive change, leaving the negative reinforcement behind, therein shines the best version of you that can exist and grow. The universe has guided you through demanding trials and proportionately will reward you for perseverance of beauty and open-hearted soul. Together in this life, we move forward as one, ready to take an active role in leadership without excuse. There is no victim except that which we make of ourselves regardless of environment, conditioning, or circumstance and our ability to affect change from within resonates outward, multiplying in return.

We are passionate, purposeful, powerful and most of all beautiful!



You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to become great”