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Why choose life coaching?

Addressing desires, goals, dreams and individual client needs, coaching focuses from the present moment into the future. With so many craving inner growth and change, or through a sense of personal or professional stagnation, they find themselves considering this path to self actualization as a way to break free of their own limitations. Desiring more in life: order, balance, clarity, and fulfillment, clients come to coaching. Sometimes people are looking for less – confusion, stress and heartache, while others seek a life coach to help them establish a framework and concrete plans for accomplishing their life purpose, passion, achieving their feminine power, and specific goals. Whatever the reason, life coaching is always meticulously tailored to the particular need of the client.

A life coach not only helps their clients establish a plan for fulfillment of goals, but goes above and beyond, truly caring for their clients well being while holding the client accountable for following through on those goals and pursuits. A life coach works with clients to keep them moving toward their goals and pursuits, and keeps them moving toward their passion, higher purpose, and feminine power while helping them reveal their highest life path and embody it.

A life coach views their client as an already whole, creative and resourceful individual who has yet to unlock their true potential. Coaching is an effective way to empower people to find their own inner answers, encouraging and supporting them on the path as they continue to make important changes in their lives. Due to the nature of coaching, it is not uncommon that the process may elicit unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings within the client. This is natural, as the client will be facing decisions and revelations they have spent so long avoiding, and which have ultimately been holding them back. However, it is important for the client to understand that when they feel uncomfortable, angry or sometimes sad, that it is a good sign as emotional blocks are opening and transformation is taking form. it is important for clients to continue working with a life coach when these emotional stresses surface, as resolving and confronting those negative feelings will enable clients to achieve true inner growth and change. In the end, it is everyone who benefits from life coaching.